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YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan wallpaper by AlphaMoxley95 YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan wallpaper by AlphaMoxley95
The way Daniel Bryan lost his World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania was a huge travesty. Yeah, it was obvious that Sheamus will be walking out as champ..but in 18 seconds? NO! NO! NO! Just like that, Bryan’s title reign ended in a dud. I may not be a fan of his championship run, but no man deserves to lose like that in WrestleMania, especially when that wrestler is the World Heavyweight Champion and defending his title on the biggest PPV of the year. WWE did this to break some shitty record they had before? BS!

Even Daniel Bryan admitted on a this week’s RAW (after the dark match main event) that it was the worst night of his wrestling career. However, the YES! YES! YES! chants probably gave him solace as he acknowledged and thanked the Miami crowd afterwards. And he was right, WWE has made a quick YES shirt for him. This is something he can build on hopefully on regaining his way to the top, be it on SmackDown or RAW (if he gets drafted). Even though his title reign was lame, his heel run has done wonders for his career. A big part of that was because of his overcelebration of his entrance and wins, shouting “World Heavyweight Champion” and “YES!” over and over again. Will we see him regain the title again from Sheamus? I say YES! YES! YES!
dirtscan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012
You are totally right about the match, but I honestly thought his title reign was pretty good for while it last. I mean, compare to Mark Henry despite being the more intimidating heel only like fought two guys for the belt, and one of them fought him like 3 three times on 3 consecutive PPV. With D-Bryan's reign despite how he won most his matches, beaten more guys for the belt like that cage match and elimination chamber. So even though Daniel Bryan is a bit silly at times, but I say honestly his reign is better Henry's, Show's (of course's lol), especially Jack Swagger (if anyone remembers).

As for my opinion about Daniel Bryan, I never really liked the guy that much as people do, and when he won the belt, I thought I was gonna dislike him for being world champion so quickly, however, little while after the yes stuff and few months of his title reign, I am beginning to think he is doing a bit better. Getting my respect a bit slowly as I am starting to become a bit of a believer in D-Bryan. Never underestimate Daniel Bryan. BTW I'm glad he ditch AJ. I cannot stand seeing her. Now do I think he'll be will championship again? Maybe. All I gotta say is as long as he's good in the WWE, I'm alright with Daniel Bryan.
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